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New to Mountain Biking Course

Feel like you need more information on riding from ladies for ladies?

This course contains so much good info:

  • Pre-Ride Safety Check: Your Gear and Your Bike

  • Body Position: Base Ideas for Riding a Mountain Bike

  • Braking: How to use both brakes

  • Shifting: How to use it on the Trail

  • Dismounting: How to Get Off Your Bike

  • Fitness: How to Feel Stronger on the Climbs 

  • Fitness: How to Feel Balanced and in Control on your Bike 

  • Gear: What Gear makes your Life Better and More Safe

  • Nutrition Basics: Hydration… food… all the Goods

  • Cleaning: Washing you Bike!

[This is not meant to replace or be a stand in for physical therapy, it is a course for information on mountain biking skill, fitness, nutrition, and bike maintenance ]