New to Mountain Biking and a Lady??

Are you just starting out in this wonderful sport and finding you have a lot more questions than you thought you did? 

You have come to the right place!


Top 10 - New to Mountain Biking



These are videos of information that I wished I had when starting into the sport!

What will you get?


- Pre-Ride Safety Check: Your Gear and Your Bike

- Body Position: Base Ideas for Riding a Mountain Bike

- Braking: Learn to use both Brakes 

- Shifting: Understanding How it works

- Dismounting: How to Get Off Your Bike

- Fitness: How to Feel Stronger on the Climbs 

- Body Control: How to Ride Down Steps

- Fitness: How to Feel Balanced and in Control on your Bike 

- Gear: What Gear makes your Life Better and More Safe

- Nutrition Basics: Hydration… food… all the Goods

- Cleaning: How to Clean and lube your Bike


Who has contributed to this Information!!


with Ride Like a Girl MTB Skills


with Ladies

All Ride Clinics 


with The Ride Life - MTBing Fitness


with The Nutrition Mechanic


with Ride and

Inspire MTB Skills

Ash and Andi

with Roam Women's Retreats

Feel like there are things that you are missing that will help you ride with more confidence?? 


Learn ways to help you ride faster, longer, and with more control! 

And the nutrition to back it up!!

Let's Start Learning!!


This is one of the MAIN REASONS why this online course was created...

Let's start in a good foundation and also learn where we might need some improvement to be safe, ride with our friends, and enjoy riding to the FULLEST!!


I also remember learning to ride and found that some of this information was hard to find when I was just looking around on the interweb :) 


I hope you enjoy and learn lots 

- Liz

Time to Learn the Basics!

Who doesn't want to learn about shifting to get up those hills better?!... How to ride downhill feeling more confident?!... How to start to improve your fitness without stressing your back or neck??

Start Learning Now!

Let's GO!!!